Garlic-ky Coconut Oil Rice

Friends who bad my homecooked rice always asked how do I cook my rice. To be honest, I should be the last person anyone ask how to boil rice. I only learn how to boil rice four years ago at the age of 30! Even that, it's with smart rice cooker my parents gave me (and I took along in luggage when I first came to UK). I don't even know how to boil rice the traditional method (using rice cooker)- till today.

Here's my version of rice/ fragrant rice cooked using Toshiba rice cooker. The same method was used when I had my older Panasonic smart rice cooker. Don't ask me where you can buy them in UK. I have never bought one. Both were gift from my parents.

I normally boils one cup of rice. It can be combination of (1) 100% basmati rice, (2) 50-50 basmati and brown rice, (3) 3/4 basmati and 1/4 brown rice or even (4) 100% rice. 

Mum introduced me to coconut oil last year. That's when I started buying cold pressed organic coconut oil. I normally add 1 tablespoon coconut oil per cup of rice. It gives the rice a very nice aroma.

The other thing I like to add is garlic powder. This has always been my secret ingredient from day one- especially when boiling rice for fried rice. Again, general rule of thumb: 1 teaspoon per cup of rice

As for water, I always use bottled still water or mineral water. You won't believe if I tell you we (husband and I) used up about 24 to 30 bottles of water a week! Big business for Tesco and Asda. General rule of thumb: 2 cups water for each cup of rice (for fragrant or plain rice).

End result:

Fluffy, light and full of fragrant rice for dinner

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