Vegetarian buttersquash (or pumpkin) and shitake rice

Here is an easy one pot meal you can prepare in advance and cook on the day you need to eat. Do give this recipe a try. It's healthy. It's simple. It's satisfying.

All you need to do is
  1. mince the garlic
  2. soak, clean and slice the shitake mushrooms
  3. chop the butternut squash or pumpkin
  4. wash and strain the rice
  5. saute garlic till brown
  6. add in shitake mushroom. Saute for a minute or two
  7. mix in the rice
  8. season with Woh Hup vegetarian mushroom sauce (or any vegetarian version oyster sauce)
  9. combine both the sauteed ingredient and butternut squash in rice cooker
  10. Add water (rice water ratio: 1 cup: 2 cups), salt or soya sauce, white pepper, and vegetarian mushroom sauce
  11. Click cook button

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