Sausage ham and Spinach fettuccine

I swear I would have skipped lunch if not because hubby insist we go on a lunch date

I wasn't in the mood to cook or step out of the house today. I'd rather be hiding under the duvet (even though I know I must be crazy to do so with such a nice beautiful weather). Things haven't been going that well for the past few weeks. I am hoping everything will turn better soon. Poor hubby had to wait till 3.00 p.m for his lunch. Here's a simple sausage ham and spinach fettuccine I made for our lunch date :)

No special recipe. All I did was sauté the garlic till brown. Add 1 tsp crushed chili powder and 1 tsp smoked paprika powder. Stir fry for few second. Add in ham and later fettuccine. Mix well. Lastly throw in a handful of spinach. Season with Himalaya rose salt, black pepper and 1 lemon juice. Garnished with sliced mature cheese and 2 sugardrop cherry tomatoes.

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