Cheesy Egg open-faced Sandwich

I made a very simple cheesy egg open faced sandwich with brioche rolls I bought from Fortnum and Mason. It was yummy. I was feeling a little bored in kitchen I even snapped a picture or two while preparing dinner. Even Mr. Grumpy was happy with his meal.

It's quite high in calories count. This meal is definitely not for dieters. I loaded quite a lot of Kewpie mayonnaise and cheese (Jarlsberg, mozzarella and brie) on both side of rolls and toast it in halogen oven (at 180 celcius) for 5 minutes before topping the bread with egg, chopped tomatoes, cracked black pepper, Himalaya rose salt, dried herb, chilli garlic olive oil and balsamic glaze. Something simple and yummy- yet requires minimal amount of effort. A perfect anytime meal for summer :)

I didn't have much greens in refrigerator so I substituted greens with berries, cherries and oranges (not shown). I can't think of anything else to go with the meal really.

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