My poor brain neurons

Not everyday is a happy day. Most days were all good but I do have my bad days too. It is a little bit like the unpredictable weather in UK. As of now, I will put a blame on hormone. Yes, everything got to do with pregnancy hormone.

I just got back from seeing a midwife. Everything looks good. A good news in deed for a new parents to be. Baby asides, there are so many things I just realised needs to be done. Worst still I only got less than four months before the baby arrives. Good thing it is summer. The days are longer and there are more things I can accomplished. 

Being a housewife has its own advantage. On other hand, there is no salary involve. Everything is done free of charge. There is no way I can "invoice" my hubby. He has enough bills to take care of. Many people think housewives are for the lazy. Reality.... I never felt so from day one. I saw the struggles my mother put through taking care of me and my brother. On top of that she has to take care of the house chores, cooking, and nursing my grandfather. She never has time for herself. 

My housework is not as bad compared to my mum. All I need to do is to make sure the house (which is only half the size of what I used to live in back in Kuala Lumpur) is in order and making sure we eat decently healthy. I was telling hubby the other day I am still in position to do all the cleaning without the help of a helper or cleaner for now. 

Having a baby is no longer about housework and being hubby's personal cook and food delivery person. It is more than that. I need to soon prepare the house for the baby. There is quite a bit to do. A lot- as in a lot. I don't really knows where to begin but I am pretty sure I will manage. The easiest way is to dump and donate most things away. Easy said I know. My poor brain neurons are working hard trying to record down "I know this is what I need to do list" *SIGH* 

Oh not to mentioned, I need to start registering for ante-natal classes and even look for maternity nurse for at least a month. I don't know how I am going to grow money that fast to pay all the necessary bills but this are all the necessary funds I need to set aside. I will be dealing with my own confinements and baby when our bundle of joy arrive. Now you know where my stress lies....

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