Goodbye needle phobic

Ask my family doctor and he will be able to tell you what a difficult girl (woman) I am when it comes to needle. I have chronic condition of needle phobia from young.

Two years ago, I had a short series of crisis in hospital when I have to go through (1) amniocentesis test, (2) part one medical termination and (3) the whole ordeal from before delivering and after delivering my baby. I have to say the worst has to be the 7 different blood test I have to go through right after a traumatic delivery. Imagine the stress my body have to go through. The inexperience nurse sure do no help in calming the whole situation. In fact, the two nurse do more bad than good. One of my vein got punctured. (4) the insertion of butterfly needle and (5) the numerous jab through butterfly needle for the next 48 hours.

One would have thought the whole experience would have pushed me to a severe form of needle phobia. Surprisingly things got a lot better this time round. It wasn't easy convincing myself to be fearless but I am glad I have somewhat overcome part of the needle phobia syndrome. I don't deny I still have fear everytime I step in the room to get a blood test done but things were better compared to before. What is more surprising is I now go through every medical blood test without applying EMLA cream. It is a big progression and I am proud of myself.

So how did convince or hypnotised myself? Like I say it wasn't easy. I was still afraid of needle and the pain right up to the day before I need to get my first blood test done in February. I even went through all the trouble to visit Boots pharmacy just to buy a tube of EMLA cream despite having to go through morning sickness. It was on the very morning the day I need to get the blood test done I sat on bed and talked to myself. Yes, talked to myself. I tell myself
  1. EMLA is bad. It is drug. I want a drug free pregnancy. 
  2. I don't want to cause a scene when delivering my baby. I want to spend more time bonding with my baby instead of having to go through another round of drama
  3. If I can go through the whole ugly chapter of medical termination two years ago without EMLA cream, why not now?
So, what did I do to overcome my fear? Nothing much actually. All I did was behaving how I perceive a normal person behave when they need to get their blood test done. Here are the things I do
  1. Get hubby to place  the blood test slip in handbag the night before. Alternatively, only rampage through the pregnancy file for blood test slip the morning I need to get the blood test done.
  2. Hop in to the surgery 10 minutes before my appointment 
  3. Sign in 
  4. Sit down and wait for my turn
  5. Walk in to the room calmly. Sit on the reclining chair ignoring whatever thing she is doing in front of me. Do a silent prayer while she meddles with my hand doing what she needs to do.
  6. Walk out feeling proud of myself :)

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