Selfish or brainless?

I don't know if I should call my house agent "brainless" It is a little too harsh I know. May be selfish should be the right word.

This is our forth year renting here. We have been a good paymaster. At the same time we are generous enough to renew our yearly contract- even though it is really unnecessary to do so. It was an understanding made from day one that the contract will be a rolling contract till the day we decide to move out. This year we both decided not to renew our rental agreement. We have plans to buy a home of our own. Till then we will continue renting. We have informed the agent we will not renew but we will continue renting till the day we find a new home to buy. The agent however, being greedy has been harassing us for months now (7 months to be precise) on the renewal of the rental agreement despite us being firm we don't want. They kept insisting the house owner wants us to do so. Good thing we have a very good relationship with the homeowner. Hubby called her and informed her we prefer to go on a rolling contract for now. She agreed. We were all happy with the agreement. Problem solved.

Just when we thought it we will no longer hear the same harassment from the house agent,.... she called hubby while he was away for business trip. Oh well, obviously hubby will not want to answer any call when he is abroad unless it is deemed IMPORTANT. She called again today- when hubby was in middle of meeting. Guess what? She left a message this time asking hubby to call back. It is URGENT!

Hubby tried calling me- hoping I can call the house agent. I was however busy sleeping. I forgotten to switch the phone back to normal mode after playing Plant vs Zombie 2 and the laptop were on really low volume. He got panic when he couldn't reach me- thinking I may delivered the baby prematurely or injured myself at home.

I got quite annoyed. The agent should be fortunate I did not call back to scream at her for not knowing the proper definition of URGENT. She is just lucky she is away- and will only be back tomorrow- and unlike me hubby is always forgiving and will not reprimand her for the wrong word used (if she call tomorrow).

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