The fed up part about preparation before birth....

There are a lot of things to do and buy before the arrival of the little one. I personally find it more testing than organising my own wedding (despite only having 3 months to plan the pre-wedding, tea ceremony and actual day ceremony). I know I have 9 long months to get things done but it is not easy- especially when I am abroad- all alone. The only thing that makes it easy this time is that I don't need to deal with whatever tradition or culture before the baby is born.

The easiest way to solve all this planning problem is of course to leave everything behind- fly home and be with my family back in Kuala Lumpur. At least I will have my parents to help me with all the preparations. On other hand, I have to also consider my hubby. Having a baby is no longer about what I want. It is also about making sure he is not being left out.

My first three months was a difficult one. I don't have severe morning sickness but the tiredness and the changes my body has to go through killed me. To top that up, I have to constantly worry why I bleed all the time (and no GP or midwife can do anything). Imagine the stress I have to go through when the GP tells me there is nothing they can do. If its a miscarriage it will have to be a miscarriage. I can't even take care of my own foods. There is no way I can sit down to plan my "To Do List"

Things were a lot better when I enter the second trimester. I feel less tired and I finally get to do normal things again. The on and off bleeding stops during the 22nd weeks. It was a great relieve knowing I don't need to go through amniocenteses test. It was a joy learning there is no abnormality during the second and third scan. We even paid for a 4D scan just to catch a glimpse at our little one. It was important to us. We didn't have any clear film image of our little one during all 3 scans. Our little one moved quite a lot during all 3 scans.

We did a little shopping for our little one- from clothes, to additional pushchair and whatever accessories that is on offer. It got to a point I got lost- not knowing how to proceed any further. I was telling hubby we should stop looking and buying whatever on promotions and start looking at what we have. We need to start unpacking all the baby stuff we bought two years ago before I have the medical termination done. I don't want to be buying too many excessive clothes. Baby grows pretty fast and it will be a waste if she don't get to wear every single piece of it.

I definitely cannot remember the other accessories and baby stuff we bought back then. Take for instance, I don't even remember how the moses basket looks like. I don't even remember how many baby toys I bought back then. We should start concentrating on things like
  1. how to make the house safe for a newborn?
  2. what type of diapers we want to use
  3. what is the right clothes for her. How to make sure she is cozy enough.
  4. how many feeding bottles, what type of breast pump, what type of milk warmer, what type of bottle sterilizer we want to get  
  5. how are we going to set up the nursery? How to arrange the changing area? What are the things needed for changing? What type of shampoo or soap? Which organic and natural brand to buy? What type of towel or even bath tub to buy? How to shower a baby? 
  6. where do baby sleep? Do we want a cot in the room and moses basket downstairs? 
  7. how and what to pack to hospital. One thing for sure, I will have to remember to bring foods for hubby! Poor him. He was so hungry the last time because I did not allow him to go down to the cafe for his lunch and dinner- and we did not pack any foods along.
  8. how to get through the lengthy confinement? What are the basic necessity Chinese herbs to buy? What are the things to do and not to do?
  9. how are we (hubby and I) going to manage our foods? I wish I can afford a Thermomix or the Tefal Cuisine Companion (I have been eyeing on). Yes, another gadget I know but that is how I get things done at home. I have to sit down and plan how I can teach hubby how to best utilise the Tefal electric steamer, the Hamilton Beech slow cooker, the oven, halogen oven, the Biochef blender, yogurt maker, Kuvings slow juicer, both Kmix mixer and stand mixer, Panasonic breadmaker and even the stove to get the foods done.
  10. how are we going to deal with the baby and everything else during the first month.
  11. the list goes on. 
I find it really difficult to talk to hubby. I don't know why but he always keeps mum whenever I try talking to him. Keeping mum do not solve the problem. It leads to frustration on my end. I try not to bother him much. I know he has enough on his plate trying to deal with his office work but.... he has to be fair to me too. I know I can manage by the end of the day but... only time will tell. #partofbeinggrownup 

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