Thursday sure comes fast...

I've worked very hard on Tuesday and Wednesday trying to get things organised for hubby. The fuming hot weather sure do no help at all. It is almost impossible to bake or cook under this hot weather. Even so I made the effort to brace the heat and cook a storm for hubby. Imagine me spending almost the whole day in kitchen
  • baking Donna Hay's classic chocolate cake for today's breakfast
  • cooking lunch: Varna-style Chicken, salad and garlic butter potatoes
  • baking red bean pastries
  • cooking dinner: toast bread with cheese, baked salmon with flat mushroom and salad
  • baking 2 Keiko's orange poundcake
I was knackered by the end of the day. I slept like a baby throughout the night. I almost didn't want to wake up this morning until I experience a bad leg cramp. I reluctantly woke up from bed only at 11 plus today- to roast turkey breast joint I bought from M&S. I am glad the weather is a lot better today. It is much cooling today. I don't know why. My face itches. I've got funny bumps on both my cheek. I suspect it must be the hot rash. Damn it. I've been scratching both side of the cheek a lot today. It is now as read as the monkey's ass. Seriously. Not funny.

I've still got a long list of "To Do List" to finished up but I am going to take it easy today. I don't think I have much energy left in me to work like a bull. Here are few pictures of the end result from my kitchen

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