30th Weeks @ Oxford

Hubby came home that very Monday- a month after a long distance separation with bump. He was in Abu Dhabi. All he can do is video call me on Skype and watch me grow bigger each day whenever he is back in his hotel room. He didn't get to spend much time with me or bump during the weekdays. He spent more time at work, nursing himself and coping with jet lag more. That is when we decided to take a short break and celebrate the 30th week milestone at Oxford. Nah, I am not that special. Hubby is the world most un-romantic man in this world and there is no way he can even think of such an event to celebrate or to take me out. Let's just say the the boys needed a short break to clear their mind. We can't go far because the boys were worried of me not being able to cope.

A well deserved trip for me as well. While the boys (hubby and his good friend) were busy at work (even though they were supposed to be enjoying the weekend and not think of work), I took a light stroll along the Oxford Canal, It was a sunny day. It makes the whole walk a spectacular one. I can't believe it when hubby told me I've been walking on my own for more than an hour! Even so, it is not as if they were waiting for me. It's the other way round. They were still busy at work when I got back!

Here are pictures I snapped with my iphone while on my mini adventure. Common view in England but something different if you are living in Asia countries. Back in Kuala Lumpur, there is no canal walk for me to walk. A view my little one will probably gets bored with if she grows up here- just like how I did not appreciate the beauty of the lakes we had back in Kuala Lumpur.

The boys were still busy working by the time I got back. I suspect they felt guilty me waiting for them. They claimed they finally solved the problem and continue with the journey

Our first destination: Brasserie Blanc. Hubby and I like dining there. It is not surprising we introduce our friend to the place we both liked. Here are random pictures of foods we ordered and enjoyed that day.

Slow cooked roast pork belly with sauteed potatoes, braised cabbage, crackling and gooseberry compote

Grilled Scotish king scallops with braised and roasted fennel and cherry tomato fondu

Chef special: duck breast
The usual chocolate soufflé with pistachio ice cream
Chef Special: Citrus lime tart
Feeling full and bloated by now, we headed to town centre walking passed the famous Magdalen Street, Beaumont Street, Christchurch Meadow, cutting through the Radcliffe area. All in all a light walk around just so our friend can have a quick look at Oxford before he flies home for good. Unlike hubby, I couldn't be bothered carrying a heavy DSLR snapping pictures. I relied on my iPhone instead. Then again I've snapped enough pictures from all my past visits. The only reason why I snapped is because (1) I couldn't resist the beauty of what Oxford had to offer, (2) I want to show my baby where I have been while carrying her :).

It was close to 9.00 p.m by the time we reached Oxford high street. Our friend insist I must eat despite me telling him I am not hungry. How to be hungry when I had 2 Krispy Kreme donuts? It's pointless arguing with the boys when I know I will lose. All I can do is give in and stuff myself with more foods. So where did we go? Quod. Why? Coz we were standing right in front of the Old Bank Hotel. It was an easy decision. At least at that point of time because we were all too tired to walk.

Crab mayonaise
Ham hock terrine with piccalilli sauce
Breads and olive oil

The boys had roast lamb rump, green beans, peppers, tomatoes and salsa verde
I had cod fillet, buerre blanc, samphire & new potatoes
The dinner was disappointing. We didn't enjoy the meal at all. That explains why we didn't bother ordering desserts. The fish wasn't fresh. It was fishy. I makes better fish dishes than this- despite me finding myself lousy in fish compartment. In fact, I can recreate a better version of each and every meal we ordered at Quod. That is how bad the foods quality were.

It would have been a better trip if we end the day dining at a better standard restaurant or bar. I have dined in better bars in Oxford. This is definitely far cry from the many bars food I've dined.

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