31st Week @ Hospital

I am hoping this will be my last visit to the hospital before the big day. It is not a fun way to begin the 31st week if you ask me. Seriously, of all day she choose to pick to practice her daddy's favourite hobby she picked to do it on a Saturday!

I don't know where to even begin. It all started early morning (midnight) on 7 August 2015. I experienced intense pain at lower abdomen and on my lower back. The pain reminds me of the nightmares I once experienced while going through medical termination two years back. I got panic. I woke my hubby- who's already deep in sleep. He looked at me blankly but his expression changed when he saw me. The pain lingers around for more than 45 minutes. I called my mum. Yes, I woke the whole world up that night! Mum asked me to go to the hospital. She said it may be sign of labour. Labour at 7 months plus? A premature baby? Please don't come out too early! Mummy haven't even got your nursery done! Mummy haven't even got anything ready yet. Whatever it is I know there is no way I can stop her from coming out if she insist. I called the hospital. It took almost 8 minutes for them to connect me to a midwife. I explained my situation to the midwife. She asked me to take paracetamol and have a good rest. She asked me to call again if the pain still occur after the painkiller.

I wanted a drug free pregnancy so I ignored the painkiller part. Instead, I went to sleep right away. Good thing I doze off just like that. I woke up the next day just in time for me to rush for my whooping cough jab. Everything was fine after that. I even went out that evening for our usual weekly grocery shopping with the boys.

I woke up at 10.30 a.m on Saturday. A rare thing in very long time- especially in summer. I like waking up early in summer just so we can hop to other cities for a short day trip- but the unfortunate Friday event stopped us from wanting to travel anywhere far. My baby girl normally do her usual dance inside me when I wakes up. She didn't that morning. I tried different tactics to make her move but she didn't. She normally response to hubby whenever he talks or touches my belly. That morning she decided to ignore him. There is not much time for us to linger around at home. We promised to meet a friend at town by 12.00 p,m.

We spend more time at eatery outlets more than we shop. Believe it or not, our first stop was to M&S cafe for brunch. I ordered their summer speciality: chocolate honeycomb milkshake. It is one of the best thing to have in hot summer weather. We even stopped by Patisserie Valerie for a light tea before heading to Rendezvous for dinner. It is unfortunate I don't have much appetite that day. I am more concerned of my little one inside me more than anything else. Nothing out there seems to interest me. I don't know why. I cannot feel any movements inside me. It's a very unusual thing. I normally gets to feel or sense her- even the lightest flutters. I tried ordering and drinking as much cold drinks as possible. Yet, she did not move!

The first thing we did when we reached home was me lying down on sofa trying to massage my belly. I tried sleeping sideways and doing funny poses. Hubby tried talking to her. Yet she did not response. We started to get really worried. Again, we called the hospital. The midwife asked us to come in right away. I turned cold and panic.

We headed to the delivery suite. One of the midwife showed me my room. I was asked to do a urine test. 10 minutes later a different midwife came in and checked for baby's heartbeat with a Doppler. It was a true joy when I heard her heartbeat. We were all smiling when we heard her heartbeat. Midwife says she was just plain naughty. All she wants to do is sleep. LOL. I am not surprise when she says that. After all, sleeping is her daddy's favourite thing to do. My husband can sleep all day long!

The midwife proceed to strap an electronic ultrasound transducer over my abdomen. I believe it is called cardiotocography- a machine used to pick up foetal heart beat and uterine contraction. I was told most foetus do not like the noise transmit from the machine. They will move a lot. True enough she moves for the first time after 5 minutes. She moves a lot more time throughout an hour monitoring. Hubby gave her a serious talk midway through the process. He threatens to take her back here if she choose to be naughty and ignore us.

Exhausted. Swollen left hand resulted from whooping cough jab. All I want is to head home, clean up and sleep
Just when I thought everything is fine, the midwife told me she needs to monitor my blood pressure. It was on high side. But it is not a worrying factor. I am very sure I don't have high blood pressure. The high reading may be from all the (1) worried, (2) stress, (3) me running around the house trying to do basic clean up before heading to the hospital and rushing to the hospital and (4) death tired. She came back half an hour later to do another blood pressure readings. The blood pressure reading is still on high side but it is at a bearable ratings. The doctor came in to check on me. She confirmed the blood pressure is normal and there is nothing to worry about- but she needs to check on my cervical opening. I have been experiencing cramps, tense and cramps for the past few days.

Deep inside me I wish I can runaway. I tried my luck asking her if I can skip the test. Unfortunately no! She needed to check to make sure the cervix remains firm, long and closed. How I wish there is other non intrusive alternative besides her having to perform the spectrum examination. It was painful.

I am finally free to go after the test. The doctor mentioned I will receive a call from hospital if there is anything wrong with the swap results. A week plus has passed. I have yet to hear anything from the hospital. I am very sure I am in good health. As far as I am concern, I am a happy mummy and she is a happy baby. She has been actively moving and grooving around inside me ever since.

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