32 weeks pregnant

I am glad my little one behaves pretty well after last Friday and Saturday incident. I can feel her movements more regularly. It gives me comfort in knowing she is well inside me. My left hand no longer feel tense from the whooping cough jab. By now I am so used to staying at home more than spending my time loitering outside window shopping. I am no longer a kutu rayau. Instead, I am a proper stay at home housewife. Even hubby was surprise when I said "we can stay home if you want" on a Saturday. Yes, it is the last thing I will say back then- especially in summer when we have proper sunshine.

What he don't realise is I gets tired easily this days after a light chore- ie cooking or even baking. I would rather sit and rot on sofa doing nothing rather than walking out. In a way I try not to overwork. I don't want to stress my body too much and surprised myself with an early delivery. I am hoping for a full term delivery.

I know many of my friends opt to eat out during their third trimester, I choose to plan and cook my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. I buy lesser and lesser cakes, pastries or ready to cook meals. I try to reduce dining out sessions- including indulging in my favourite hot chocolate, cakes or pastries.  I've gained a lot of weight in the past 32 weeks. I can see the extra fats accumulating at the back, the sides, on my bottom and also tights! It is ugly! Hubby laugh whenever he sees me trying to do hippo dance in front of the mirror everytime I says I am fat.

Good thing I've finally picked up some good eating habits. I've
  • reduce my salt intake quite drastically. It all started after my dad had minor heart attack
  • reduce spicy foods 
  • stopped adding sugar in decaffeinated coffee or tea. My current formula: half cup hot water + half cup milk
  • increase greens intake and reduce meat intake
  • increase water intakes (it helps in combating UTI)
At the end of the day I am no angel. I still indulge in packets of chocolates. I develop liking for Krispy Kreme donuts- something I don't fancy or like prior to being pregnant. Whenever I am hungry and tired (and not in the mood to cook) I still resort in ready to cook foods. What is worst is that I sometimes make toast with cheese prior to cooking the ready to cook foods. 

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