33 weeks 5 days: fake contractions

I experienced the most horrendous sharp period pain cramp for the first time in my life (second actually- first time back in 2012 when I had medical termination). The pain lasted 3 long hours. I tried to stay calm and relax. It was the most difficult thing to do when I am in pain but I had to for the sake of hubby. I eventually doze off.

Hubby tried contacting the surgery to see if he can make an appointment on my behalf. Too bad the midwife appointment is full. The receptionist asked him to contact the delivery suite at hospital instead. I asked him not to. I can still feel the cramp but it is not that bad compared to hours before. I don't want to admit myself to hospital when there is nothing for the midwife or doctor to monitor me. I don't want them to think I am just another troublemaker.

The pain came back hours later. Good thing hubby decided to work from home that very day. I called the hospital. It was difficult for me to explain the pain I am experiencing besides telling her "I am not sure if it is heartburn. I can feel great level of pain in centre of my upper belly but it cannot be gastric or heartburn because there is also a sharp pain on lower abdomen (belly). My baby is moving but I don't know if she is in stress or if it is normal movements". The midwife asked me to take painkiller and monitor for the next two hours. If the pain continues, call in again and walk in to delivery suites. I wanted a drug free pregnancy. I choose not to take any painkiller. Instead I rested on sofa bed for the next two hours. Good thing the pain subside. I continued to rest the whole day.

I still  experience the same type of pain days later- even now. Thanks goodness it is not as severe as the one I experienced the first time. Come to think of it, a better way to describe the pain is it is the combination of urinary tract infection symptom, period cramp, discomfort (pain) when you have leg massage and heartburn/ gastric.

Anyway, hubby and I did some research online. Apparently it is a common symptom during late pregnancy. It is called fake contractions. It is common to experience this kind of pain till labour. In a way, it is a good way to prepare the mother's body for labour. On other hand, it is a torture having to go through the pain.

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