Hair Makeover @ 32 weeks 4 days

One disadvantages of being pregnant at age 33 is having to deal with gray hair. Lucky you if you don't need to deal with gray hair. It is depressing whenever I sees more and more hair turning gray. It's even more depressing when I have to hide the gray with mascara every morning before stepping out of the house.

I try avoiding chemical usage whenever I can. I've switched to natural and organic hair and skin cares for more than 34 weeks now but I cannot resist not getting my gray fixed at saloon. To minimise chemical usage, I only got my roots done. So far, this is my forth visit this year. This will definitely be my last hair makeover before the arrival of my little one. Hopefully the colour will last. Hopefully there will be minimal gray regrow. Hopefully I'll still look good by the time she is out :)

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