The best homemade black sesame steamed bun (bao)

Do you know black sesame paste is a mixture of red bean and black sesame? All this while I thought black sesame paste were 100% pure black sesame plus a little glutinous rice. 

Love at first bite. Ignore the ugly pleating or even shape of the bun. The texture of the bun is to die for. I can eat 4 buns in one go! The appearance of double acting baking powder and instant yeast do miracle to the texture of the bun. You can even peel the outer layer of the bun skin off easily. The homemade black sesame paste is beyond good. I like every bit of it- from the taste, to texture to the level of sweetness. The combination of soft dough plus black sesame paste is simply heavenly. Even my meat eater hubby has lots of praise for the bun. He ate 5 in one servings! 

Black Sesame Paste
(Adapted from
Makes approximately 1.2 kg paste
300g aduki bean, soaked overnight
150g black sesame powder (original recipe calls for seeds)
350g granulated sugar
300g sunflower oil
  1. Cook red bean with spring water (just enough to cover the beans) in slow cooker on low for 30 minutes (30 minutes countdown begins right after the beep). 
  2. Once red bean cool, add the beans, black sesame powder and sugar in blender. Blend till you get a smooth paste. 
  3. Transfer the paste into a pot. Cook with oil over low-medium heat till the paste thicken. 
  4. Once cool, divide the paste to 25g each
The paste taste like low in sugar version despite me adding additional 100 g sugar more than the original recipe. Do adjust the level of sugar according to your taste. Also, the recipe yields about 1.2 kg paste. Half the recipe if you don't need that much. I made extra with intention of baking more  buns in coming weeks. Store in refrigerator or freezer if not in use after 3 days. I like keeping mine in refrigerator right away (once the paste cooled completely).

The dough
(Adapted from Kenneth Goh)
Yields approximately 20 medium size bun
160g lukewarm water
15g sunflower oil
300g low protein flour
25g corn flour
50g granulated sugar
6g instant yeast
1/4 tsp double acting baking powder
A pinch of salt
  1. Add all dry ingredients in a large bowl. I added mine straight into the Kenwood Kmix stand mixer bowl. Make a well in the centre. Pour in the water and oil. knead the dough with dough hook till you get a smooth dough. Cover in cling wrap and let it proof till the dough double in size. It took me an hour (UK summer yet not so summer weather). 
  2. Once ready, divide dough to 30g each
  3. Flatten one of the dough and wrap a ball of black bean paste. Seal it properly into ball shape (or whatever desired shape). Place the bun on a small size cupcake casing
  4. Let it proof again till the dough double in size.
  5. Steam in Tefal steamer for 10 minutes

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