The softest homemade black sesame buns

Hubby is a bread monster. He has been bugging me to bake more breads ever since I successfully baked the soft and fluffy version of black sesame spiral buns. I so am happy I've finally found the right straight forward simple recipe. Unlike the gelatinised or water roux version, this straight forward dough method do not require any starter dough preparation. The bread dough is definitely a keeper. This will definitely be my "ultimate" bread dough recipe whenever I craves for soft fluffy texture bun. I've even baked garlic bread using the same dough. Do give this a try if you are looking for a straight forward easy Asian style bread dough recipe.

Oh, please don't judge the buns by its appearance. I've got a poor shaping skills. The bun is really soft and nice. I don't bake bread all the time. This is my second attempt making bun in this form of shape. I definitely needs lot more practice to perfect on the pattern.

Adapted from Kenneth Goh
Makes 18 x 50g dough (excluding fillings) buns
500g bread flour
70g sugar
11g dry instant yeast
5g salt
1 egg
250g water
30g butter, cut cubed (room temperature)

540g black sesame paste (divided to 30g x 18)
White sesame seeds
  1. Measure and mix bread flour, sugar. yeast, salt, egg and water in Kmix stand mixer mixing bowl. Beat on low-medium speed (I used 1 and gradually add on to 3) for 5 minutes.
  2. Add butter and beat on medium-high (I used in between 3 to 4) for 7 minutes. You will notice there is no excess dough sticking to the side of the bowl by now
  3. Cover with cling wrap and let the dough proof for 1 or 2 hours (till the dough double in volume). It is important to make sure the dough doubles in quantity! 
  4. This is a sticky dough. My advise is to oil the workstation and hand before degassing, dividing and moulding the dough.   Here are the basic steps to mould to spiral shape buns
    • always work with the first dough you divided/ moulded when you mould the dough with fillings. Flatten a bread dough with hand and wrap a black sesame paste in centre. Wrap the dough around the paste (in shape of a ball)
    • flatten the dough again. This time cut 3 to 4 slits in centre of the dough.
    • hold on each end of the dough and start twisting the dough.
    • wrap the dough around the finger into a loose knot
    • place the dough (the pretty side up) on a cupcake lining or baking sheet.
  5. Sprinkle white sesame on top of the individual dough
  6. I placed the individual bun in 2 separate 30 x 30cm tray. Cover the pan tray with cling wrap and let it proof till the dough double in size again
  7. Once the dough double in size, preheat the oven to 190 degree. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until the top turns golden brown

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