34 weeks 3 days: sorting out clothes for my little one...

It is depressing. One moment I am feeling all well and another moment I feel sick, tired and agitated. It is a total mood swing. I was telling hubby good thing for him I don't have PMS or else he has to accept all the tantrums I throw at him on monthly basis.

Hubby finally sorted out our little girl's clothing and washed them on Sunday. I have to admit I am pretty impressed how careful hubby was when it comes to her baby girl's stuff. He took the effort to separate the colour and non colour clothing. The cotton and the wool clothing. How I wish he is more careful with ours. Most of our clothes gets discoloured whenever he is in charge of laundry.

We bought a pack of Napisan clothes detergent from Tesco just so we can wash her clothes but hubby ended up using pure baking soda instead. He claims it is much more natural and safe. I don't mind- as long as he got the things done. I am just too tired to bother. I have no choice but to rely on him.

Good thing we washed and sort her clothes out early. I realised we don't have much clothes for her. Most of the clothes we have are for summer. We need more long sleeves and long pants version for her- be it one piece or two separate pieces. You won't believe me if I tell you we haven't got much mittens, hats, and bibs for her. Anyway, I am glad we've settled all this in 24 hours! All thanks to online shopping :). We did a little shopping in stores as well but it is a lot easier getting things done online. All I have to do now is wait for the items to arrive.

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