35 going 36 (weeks)...

So many things happened in a week. I am glad everything turn out right today- on last day of 35 week 6 days.

Baby's Name
I am happy we have both finally decided on our bundle of joy full name. It was tough deciding on her Chinese name. It took us months "Google-ing" for decent "sound" with good meanings. It took us months because we have to make sure we've got two good meaning, nice and easy to pronouns characters. Good thing hubby knows a little Chinese. I cannot imagine the struggles we both have to go through if none of us knows Chinese.

We have informed both our parents (baby's grandparents). My parents are pretty cool with the name. My in law thinks we should still check to see if the name suits her lucky number when she is born. Honestly, I don't believe in such practise but it really depends on hubby if he wants to.

I've friends asking if I've checked with astronomer, metaphysics or psychic to see if the name suits my baby. I gets very angry whenever I hear people suggesting such an absurd idea. I don't believe in getting strangers to name my baby. So enough said... At the end of the day, I believe my baby's name should suit our (hubby and mine) liking.

Appointment with Midwife
It's quite depressing when I've got different midwife every visit. Why? I hate it when midwife ask me: "is this your first baby?" Blah. Errr... no second. I had termination when I was 27 weeks pregnant two years ago. It is frustrating. Why can't they check my record before calling me in? Besides I thought the first midwife has got a "sad emotion" on screen and also in note to indicate I've got problem with my first pregnancy.

What I realised is that the recent midwife (three of them) were pretty moody and frustrated. They are unhappy with the fact they are asked to substitute a midwife at very last minute. In a way they are seeing me for the sake of seeing me (just to fulfil their obligation/ job). Don't get me wrong. I am not saying they did not do a good job but them whining makes me feel uncomfortable and worried if I will have proper support till the end of my pregnancy.

Baby's Position
Two midwife- first one when I was 33 weeks pregnant informed me my baby is in breech position. Her drawing in my Maternity Note Book shows the baby is in transverse position. She says she will have to check again in two weeks time. In event if she feel the baby is still in transverse position, she will have to schedule an appointment at hospital for a scan.

I saw a different midwife on Tuesday. She wasn't sure if the baby is still in transverse position. She cannot feel the position of baby's head. She was kind enough to book an appointment on my behalf with the hospital.

Hubby and I went for our hospital appointment today. I am glad the Doctor I saw today took the effort to read the notes before calling me in. The only frustration I have is doctor do not know the purpose of my visitation. What makes it worst is she didn't understand why the midwife make an early appointment for scan??!! She claims my baby still has got time to turn. She did a quick check and the first thing we saw when she place the ultrasound scan device on my belly is our little girl's crown. What a relieve. She is in right position!

Baby's Attire/ Accessories
I am glad we have got almost all the essential sorted out. We received two separate parcels from Mamas and Papas and Pumpkin Patch. We now have one basket full of clothes and accessories to wash, dry and fold. Hubby has asked me to remove the tags from individual clothes and accessories. I have yet to do it. I should really be doing it now but I am lazy.

Changing Nappies
We've finally sort out the brand and the type of nappy we want to use. As for now, we will be using Naty by Nature Babycare. It's eco nappies made from unbleached, latex free, fragrance free and hypo-allergenic materials. This will hopefully cut down the probability of our little one enduring the pain from all the potential nappy rashes.

We have intention to switch to cloth diaper later on- just not now when we are not ready to handle all the mess plus crying baby. As of now, the cute cloth diaper will be sleeping in a container inside changing table till we are ready to switch to partial cloth nappies.

Our earlier intention is to get the little one sleep in moses basket- but we decided to get a cot for her. We will still be using the moses basket but its for day time. Moses basket downstairs and cot upstairs. That way we don't need to move the moses basket up and down.

I haven't been cooking or eating proper healthy foods last week. We depended too much on "lazy foods". It was bad. Bad and unhealthy. The only decent foods I've cooked is pasta or noodle- the easiest one pot meal to cook when I am not in mood to cook. It is easy because all I need to do is to boil the pastas/ noodles then saute the garlic, add spinach leaves and prawns before adding drained pastas/ noodles and whatever seasoning. 

I got fed up of the same old thing and decided to do proper grocery shopping last weekend. I've also bought extras to cook and pack in freezer for the lazy days. I am very sure it will be helpful towards the end of my pregnancy- if not during the first month after baby is born.

Nursing bra
OMG... It's the best purchase I got my entire pregnancy.

It's not the sexiest or the best lingerie I bought in my life- I don't deny it look ugly but it's the most comfortable bra I've worn in past 8 months! 

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