36 weeks pregnant: To breastfeed or to go with formula?

I've friends telling me I must be eager and bored with the "waiting game" by now. To be honest, no. I am not bored. I want my baby to stay inside a little longer- if possible till 40 weeks. Why? I've still got lots to deal with before she comes out. Time flies pretty fast. I've yet to pack my hospital bag. My room is filled with unfold laundry (mine, hubby and hers). We haven't got the nursery- cot and moses basket fixed yet. We wanted to get it done on Monday but (1) one of the side cot IKEA sent us on Monday is crack. We are waiting for replacement to be sent to us (2) both hubby and I fell ill at the same time on Monday. Hubby suspect it got to do with side effect from flu jab. I personally doubt so. How can we be ill right away- right after the flu jab?

I have yet to enrol in any breastfeeding classes. I haven't decided if I will breastfeed but I am keeping my option open. Hubby was happy when he heard my desire to breastfeed our little one. He got me a breast pump right away. I almost fainted when I received the breast pump. It is BIG. It is as big as a gymnast ball. It is heavy too, Why can't he get me a decent small one by Medela? I know I have big boobs but that doesn't mean I need a bigger pump to suck the milk out from my system. Anyway, he claimed that he got Spectra- a hospital grade pump because it will ease the pumping process. How true? I don't know. I will only be able to tell you when I use it.

Now that he has got me one, I have no other option but to try. Don't get me wrong. I know breast milk is the best for baby. My worry is how if I cannot cope. How if I can't? I don't want to go through the anxiety and headache of finding solutions for continuous milk supply for my baby. I don't want to worry too much pumping and nursing my boobs. I would rather spend more time taking care and nurturing my baby girl. 

I've done a little readings on formula milk. There are so many pros and cons and argumentative points to which formula is better for baby. The more I read the more I will want to breastfeed just so I don't need to "think" or "digest" whatever I read. 

Anyhow, breastmilk or formula we've bought more than enough Dr. Browns feeding bottle.

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