37 weeks 6 days: Last blood test

Wohoo! Last blood test before the big day. I know there are more to come right after delivery but I'm not gonna "think" about it until the time comes.

I'm very pleased with myself. I did well in past 37 weeks 6 days. 5 blood test. 1 whooping cough jab. 1 flu jab (couldn't be bothered to wait for the free jab). 

After going through so many "needle" experiences, I notice I am much more comfortable and at ease when I'm alone with the nurse. There were a lot of tension and anxiety when hubby was starring closely at how the nurse withdraw my blood earlier this morning. I don't know why he did it but he shouldn't. He should have just waited outside. So if you have needle phobic issue just like me, it's best for you to enter the room alone and not with your partner or friends.

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