38 weeks 4 days and counting

I'm the size of a house (despite hubby trying to be nice this time round telling me I did not gain much weight this pregnancy. He claimed he expected me to gain more). I don't know how to estimate the space I need when I walk pass an empty space. My bump definitely grows a lot in past few days. I am not complaining. I am happy my baby is growing well inside me. I can't wait to welcome her

My pregnancy journey has been a pleasant one. There's a bit of pain here and there. My major concern throughout the 38 weeks has always got to do with her movements. She hardly moves. Just when I came to accept she might have picked up her daddy's sleeping habit, I discovered she has probably picked up mine and her dad's sleeping habits. She is active in evening and she moves quite a bit in morning (as in early morning). I am hoping she won't be a night person- otherwise I will be deprived of sleep! Can't complain. Her mummy used to be a night person too.

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