A day at Bath, Somerset

We should be doing staying home this weekend. Still got a long list of "things to do" to deal with before our little Princess decides to come out. Instead we ended up exercising our legs' muscles at Bath. It's not a choice. We have to get out of the house. My neighbour woke us up at 8 plus a.m. The noise pollution was bad. I don't blame them. It's their right to renovate their house before the autumn weather strikes. I would rather them drill, hammer or do anything loud before my baby is born.

Not so sure if we will have time to visit this place again to witness the beauty of the city in autumn and winter this year. Doubt we will.... Me snapping and recording this trip to see when is the last time we both travels.

Didn't do much besides window shopping and cafe hopping. 8 hours of walking. Wonder if this is possible when little one is born.

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