Baby's Toiletries and Skin Care

Both hubby and I knew we have to take every precaution to avoid baby girl from eczema- a common baby skin problem in UK. We are no expert but we hope whatever we do will help in easing and making her appearance to this world a smooth and comfortable one.

To begin, we have both decided to use still water to clean her instead of normal pipe water. Sorry Thames Water. We still think the water is too harsh with chemicals and limescales. It's going to be expensive way but I am very sure it will help us in eliminating unnecessary problem for the first few months.

Not the usual drinking water but good enough to for my baby to take bath :)

Besides water, we have also decided to use natural or organic baby cares- unless she develops really bad nappy rash that she requires a little stronger products such as Sudocrem.

There are many natural or organic baby cares out there. It was tough deciding which brands to pick. I've been doing quite a bit of readings on reviews of baby products- something I don't know if I regret doing. There are just too much information to digest. That explains why I have only decides on the brands and type of toiletries and baby care I want on Sunday. 

It's quite nice to be able to shop all products at one platform. Thank you Love Lula for quick and snappy delivery. The item arrived just in time for contraction time. I don't know if they are fake or real contractions but at least my baby will have all the skin care products she needed for her bath time.

Her simple bath tub we got from Boots Pharmacy. Nothing fancy. Something practical and economical

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