I am what I eat

This picture was taken when I was 34 weeks 4 days pregnant. I was already big then. I am bigger now. A lot bigger but I'm not bothered. I'm proud and happy of my bulging belly.

I've got midwives and strangers telling me I don't look big at 8 months. Most strangers think I'm the size of 5 months pregnant woman. Some think I've starved myself. Seriously??? How to starve myself or not eat if I am hungry? I'll get agitated or angry whenever I am hungry. I'll be digging for biscuits or cakes. I've got lots of emergency foods at home.

All I can say is baby is growing well inside me. She is a healthy baby. 3 2D scans at the local hospital and 1 private 3D and 4D scan shows my baby is growing very well inside me. Every body part of hers growing well. 

I try to eat healthily not because I am selfish or worried I gain more weight but because I want the best for my baby. I want to make sure I keep a healthy diet just so the both of us has the best nutrients. It is important because we are what we eat. I don't want to indulge in too much junk foods and end up with diabetes or high blood pressure.

Don't listen to people when they insist you must eat for two. The key word is moderation. I've got heartburn and acid reflux from time to time throughout my pregnancy. I learn that the best way to reduce this two symptom is to spend more time chewing and eating smaller portion of foods. Always make sure the foods are warm and not cold ones.

Key note: it's alright to indulge in healthy foods but not fatty ones. There is no need to calculate calories intake a day. The right thing to do is to eat moderately. There is nothing wrong to treat or indulge in pastries or cakes. A small slice will not kill.

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