Just basic necessities to get through the first month

I must admit my baby has been good to me. No morning sickness. No major pain. No funny sickness. Just slight discomfort and spotting from first to fifth month of my pregnancy. 37 weeks has passed. I'm glad everything went well. Two or may be three more weeks before she says hello to the world. Am I excited? To be honest, no. I've still got a lot to deal with before the big day.

Good news is we are both in midst of preparing her nursery. Nothing fancy. Just basic necessity to get us started for the first month. Here are few items we have set up for now

Moses basket from Mamas & Papas and the stand from John Lewis. Kept the basket set for almost three years. Might be a little outdated now but who cares. So happy we can finally assemble and use it for real. 

Got this two years ago during toy sales. I'm so happy I finally gets to hang it on the cot. 

Got the music mobile box and the Chicco bear two years back. Believe it or not, it took us almost half an hour (may be longer) to fix that Fisher Price rainforest music mobile toy. We almost gave up- only to discover one of the three battery from the brand new Duracel pack is a faulty one.

My paranoid husband thinks it is best to have a video camera to monitor his little Princess in evening when she is sleeping upstairs. He got this gadget. I don't know if it will be useful but it's here for now.

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