My eating habits in third trimester...

I try to cook something simple with the simplest raw ingredients- ie. black pepper, Himalaya salt, corn fed or organic chicken, fish, prawns, scallops, eggs, tagliatelle, basmati or brown rice, egg noodles or rice noodles and whatever vegetables I buy during our grocery shopping trips. But that only happened when I am well and in mood to cook. My favourite type of dish: one pot meal and it will always be either fish pies to noodles, fried rice or pastas. I rarely cook two different dishes from scratch this days. May be once or twice a month. Most days I rely on ready to cook meals (don't worry, they are all free from preservatives, colouring and flavour enhancers). It is my version of short cut healthy meal.

There are days I ignore the healthy diets and rely on the unhealthy version- ie. OTC sauces like Patak, Mae Ploy, Lee Kum Kee for short cut Asian style meals. I know I can buy fresh ingredients but it is rather risky for me to buy fresh ingredients and let it rot in refrigerator. In my opinion, it is still a lot healthier than ordering takeaways or fast foods. At least I gets to control the amount of oil, salt and avoid MSG.

There are days I turned all evil. I will bugs hubby to cook me instant noodles. A lazy hubby normally complies to wife demands especially when it comes to easy to cook meal like instant noodles but this days he will try to lure me with other stuff he can cook after checking the freezer. It takes a lot of convincing needed on my part before he finally allows me to indulge in a pack. Then again I make sure I only have one packet a month. Not so bad after all. I still got packs of instant noodles sleeping in cupboard.

I still eat out but I try not to. I will be lying if I tell you I stopped outside foods completely. In fact, I rely a lot on bakery and cafes for short cut lunch (especially during the weekends). Just last Saturday I dined at 3 different eateries in London.

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