Giving birth to baby girl

was in hospital for almost 12 hours before I finally gave birth to my baby girl. Yet, midwives say I was in labour for 2 hours plus. She must be kidding me. 

I'm blessed the midwives in charge was friendly and nice. More midwives came in later on to help up. Every single one of them were professional.

I'm glad my hubby and mummy were by my bedside. I've got all the love and supports I needed. 

Both hubby and grandma were the first two family member to see baby girl.

Proud daddy was so happy he gets to cut the umbilical cord. Me on other hand wasn't exactly excited because I have to be pushed in to operation theatre room for a third degree tear procedure. I almost cried when the doctors confirmed me I needed an operation to fix the damage. All I can do is to nod, change to hospital clothes and lay down on bed to be pushed to operation room. The midwife were nice enough to be with me throughout the operation.

I was too exhausted by the time they pushed me out from operation room back to my room. I didn't have much energy left to bond with my little girl.

Mummy and hubby helped to nurse and take care of baby girl. It makes a big difference when mummy is around. I don't know how both hubby and I will survive without her assistance. 

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