Quick and easy sauces for salmon

like picking up the free magazines from grocery stores. I like flipping through them on my way home. I will flip them just like how I do to fashion magazines while watching the television. Then I will leave them aside only to flip again when it's time to clean up the magazines section.

Why bother flipping and browsing through the magazines again when I decide to recycle? Good question. Lot of time it will make it a lot more difficult for me to not recycle. Sounds like hoarder wannabe, eh.

Anyway, as I was browsing through The Cooperative food March/ April magazine, I couldn't help but to want to keep one small section of the article. Me cutting and keeping the article = losing and forgetting bout it after today. So I decided to snap and post it here. Who knows you may want to give it a go 

It's nothing interesting. It's just quick and easy sauce recipe for salmon. Both hubby and I eat lots of salmon. Can't wait to try this 3 simple ideas. 

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