Feeling sick for the first time in 5 years

This is the first time I fall sick in very long time. I have pretty clean health record. The only time I really had trouble was when I first came to UK back in 2011. But that was because of my own doing. I didn't expect UK to be cold in May. It was end spring but still I didn't expect it to be autumn/ winter like weather. It was so cold and I became very lazy. I drank very little water. My body shut down completely after a week or two. I had severe urinary tract infection and it took months to cure. After that I was as fit as a fiddle.

I was in and out hospital in 2012 for a failed pregnancy- whereby I end up having to do a medical termination when I was 6 months pregnant. But I wouldn't count that as me "sick".

In a way I am very proud I manage to take very good care of my health. I wouldn't have gained massive amount of weight if not because I got pregnant. Again, I wouldn't consider weight issue as "sick" category too.

So, 5 years plus on my own with hubby in far away land... I have been well and healthy until my husband decided to donate his nasty virus to me. Damn, I almost forgotten the feeling of being sick until yesterday. I am feeling a lot better today but what is annoying me is my throat, ear and nose tickles me all day long. It is annoying. What is more annoying is when hubby thinks I am mad for saying my organs tickling me. No sympathy from him. Just a great laugh. SIGH

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