Me and Chinese Confinement

I have local friends calling it uncivilised practise. Really??? In my opinion that is a little too blunt. We Malaysians in general are more adaptable to others cultures (and in many other expects- ie. foods, religions,...).

I don't consider myself a modern person. Just like many Malaysian Chinese born in city, we are not superstitious. We are more ignorant of the traditional practises and cultures. In a way, we are less complicated. Good or bad? I don't know. It is for you to judge.

My confinement wasn't a nightmare to go through. I gets to shower- but with herbal water my mother prepared. I gets to eat vegetables and fruits in moderation. My nightmares were more towards me not being able to control my bowel or urine during the first two weeks. I couldn't bend to wash my leg. My husband have to help cleans me. Also. it was more towards us trying to figure out why baby girl cries non stop 24/7. No doctors, no midwives or health advisors can tell us why. No one can tell us she had reflux or allergy to cow's milk until she was 1.5 months! Seriously, I have doctor telling me my baby is crying because she is hungry- despite us telling her we have just fed her!

Do I have problem confining myself at home? Nope, not at all. How I wish I can stop anyone from visiting me? How I wish I do not need to step out of the house to see the doctor or even to take my little girl to see a doctor. How I wish I don't need to step out of the house if not because we need to get little one's passport done. None of us have sufficient sleep at all. The three of us even developed panda bear eyes (dark eye circle) so really the last thing we want to do is to be out! May be things would have been a little bit different if our little one is an angel and all she do is eat and sleep. Also, may be it will be a different story if I am in KL where the weather is a lot warmer than what we have here (in October. It was cold and gloomy). May be things will be different if she is born in summer.

The only complain I probably have is me gaining weight in just one month- all thanks to my mum's good cooking. I gained pretty a lot- as in good enough to not fit in whatever I plan to wear when I fly back to KL. LOL.

So what did I do to celebrate little girl's first 30 days milestone? I baked her a red velvet cake. Hubby carried her. We snap a pic or two to commemorate the day. Cut cake and we ate the cake. We went out to eat at the local Chinese restaurant. We invited a Malaysian friend along. That's about it. Nothing complicated. No shaving hairs nothing. 

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