Should pregnant mother exercise?

Earlier today while chatting with my zumba friends,...
"I dance even when I was 7 months pregnant"
"Don't forget, your little girl wants to be carried and bounce all the time when she was out"
"True, but she has chronic reflux and colic condition"

So, the question is, should pregnant mother move less when they are pregnant? Should they not go shopping and traveling when they are pregnant? I was out and about even the day I got admited to the hospital. My mother will tell my husband she will only complain pain when she is home. LOL.

One thing for sure, despite all the unbearable pain, midwives say (written on my pregnancy book) I have a short labour- with only 2 hours plus labour. That was a lie. I was in pain for 5 hours plus before she came out! I almost flipped the table at Costa when we were there for breakfast. LOL.

In case you want to know, my little girl loves shopping. She has been out (excluding trips to hospitals and surgeries) actively since she was 20 days old. She has commuted in car, train, tubes and even airplane. Only one left out is bus.

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