Steamed Dom Ginger Chicken

It was a whole drumstick (minus the tight). I purposely cut the meat off the bone to make sure the chicken is perfectly cook. Since I have cut a portion of it, I decided to debone it. Easier for me to eat. 

Easy peasy recipe. Takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. Remove the chicken skin. Marinate with oyster sauce and white pepper. Add in bowl. Add a handful of goji berries. 3 tbsp DOM. 1 shiitake. A lil ginger. I like the julienne (thinly) version because I don't like biting a sliced ginger. You can add sliced version. Leave it in bowl till you are ready to cook. Steam the chicken in Tefal electric steamer- 30 minutes. 

You may want to add more DOM. I noticed the liquor evaporates. I end up adding a little hot water just so that I have more gravy to enjoy. The additional water does not affect the overall taste. 

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